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Backyard kitchens with cooking surfaces, sinks, bars and storage areas are all the rage in the growing outdoor living trend. Outdoor kitchen counters made of concrete, like those manufactured by GlassEco, are increasing in popularity among homeowners. Nationally acclaimed garden artisan, Scott Cohen, whose award-winning work is frequently featured on HGTV, regularly comments on the material choice.

While concrete is not the only option for outdoor kitchen countertops, it is my favorite for a variety of reasons.
— Scott Cohen, HGTV's favorite garden artisan

Cohen is known for creating resort-style backyards through his unique use of recycled materials, expert detailing, and innovative ceramic techniques. He is president and supervising designer of The Green Scene, a premier outdoor design and construction firm based in the Los Angeles area.

The ease of maintenance, ability to withstand the elements and versatility are certainly contributing factors, but I believe it is the beautiful rich look that has given concrete counters the lift to fame.
— Scott Cohen, The Green Scene

Even better, this versatile material can be combined with colored glass which allows homeowners to further personalize their outdoor designs. This custom look is GlassEco’s specialty, and we have made the environmentally-friendly choice to use 100% recycled glass. Most is locally sourced from our sister company, Fisher Recycling.

Steps to Success

If you are leaning towards using concrete counters in your outdoor kitchen, it is important to know that it has pros and cons like any material. We recommend the following to protect your investment.

Hire a Professional

While it is possible to make your own concrete countertops, a fun do-it-yourself home improvement project can quickly turn into a headache. The material is prone to cracking if it is not made or installed correctly.

Love your Big Green Egg? Showcase it in your outdoor kitchen design with a custom GlassEco countertop, crafted with concrete for outdoor durability.

Love your Big Green Egg? Showcase it in your outdoor kitchen design with a custom GlassEco countertop, crafted with concrete for outdoor durability.

All GlassEco surfaces are strengthened with reinforcement strips during manufacturing, and we only work with experienced installers. Our go-to companies in coastal South Carolina are World Granite, Eugene's Marble and Granite, the Granite Guys and Stonehenge Concrete.

Think Outside the Box

Our approach to design is that your surface should tell the story of you. GlassEco Surfaces can be completely customized to compliment your space or reflect your personal style.

Since concrete can be poured into many sizes and cut to your desired shape, the material leaves lots of room for innovative designs. For example, we have had clients design a space specifically for a Big Green Egg.

Your outdoor kitchen design will really come to life when you further customize it by blending colored glass with the concrete. The design possibilities are truly limitless! At GlassEco, you get to pick colors from a vast collection of 100% recycled glass. We can control the glass cullet sizes & combinations and even add personal elements such as shells, stones, sharks’ teeth or metal items. We have used keys, musket balls, nails, horseshoes and even antique belt buckles.

Jody P. from Johns Island certainly thought outside of the box for her outdoor kitchen! Tidal Creek Designs created an outdoor living space for all ages with a handmade ping pong table and grill area with TVs, couches and lounge chairs. This was our first color palette inspired by AstroTurf!

tidal creek close up.jpg
Having this counter in this room was like Christmas in July!
— Homeowner Jody P. | Johns Island

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Concrete is considered one of the best outdoor kitchen countertop materials because of its natural ability to withstand the wear and tear of weather elements. To ensure that the counters in direct sunlight don’t fade over time, we only use concrete that is UV resistant. In addition, outdoor concrete counters must be sealed on installation and resealed regularly. We always educate our clients on proper care and maintenance so that they can protect their investment. We recommend the following during day-to-day use:

  • Use trivets or hot pads to avoid scorching sealed surfaces.

  • Use cutting boards to protect knives.

  • Use natural, non-abrasive cleansers. Citrus-based products may damage sealers over time.

  • Restore the look of heavily trafficked surfaces with a rebuff. This is available as needed to our clients for an additional charge.

Complimentary Design Consultation

To learn more about our outdoor materials and product sustainability, visit our products page or contact us directly to schedule a complimentary design consultation. For more inspiration of GlassEco Surfaces in outdoor living spaces, visit our gallery page. Let’s create the outdoor kitchen that you have dreamed of!

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