GlassEco Surfaces

GlassEco manufactures a variety of elegant and ecofriendly hard surfaces for interior and exterior use:


Fireplace Surrounds

Bathroom Vanities

Shower Walls

Pool Surrounds

Hard Surfaces


GlassEco Surfaces can be resin or concrete-based depending upon the application. All options are customizable.

Resin-Based Surfaces Concrete Surfaces GFRC Surfaces
Use For Interior Use** For Interior and Exterior Use For Interior and Exterior Use
UV Protection
Heat Resistant
Antibacterial Additive Available
Sealant Required Recommended Recommended Recommended
Slab Size 118 – 42” 118 – 42” 118 – 42”
Slab Thickness 1.25” 1.25” .75”
Compressive Strength 10,000 psi 7,500 psi 10,567 psi
Qualify for LEED Credits
Starting Price $65 per sq ft** $65 per sq ft** $65 per sq ft**

All GlassEco Surfaces are handcrafted. Like hand-forged iron or hand-hewn boards, handcrafted surfaces have the potential for variation. This is especially true when using organic materials such as shells. It is possible to see and feel the contours of some materials in finished surfaces.

*We recommend resin-based surfaces for indoor use. Discoloration will occur with exposure to UV rays. Resin-based surfaces should only be installed in outdoor spaces that are completely covered and away from direct sunlight.

** Starting price is for manufacturing. GlassEco does not install surfaces. We can recommend an experienced installer, and cost of installation will be quoted separately. Custom ordered glass and specialty materials may increase the cost of manufacturing.


Care & Maintenance 

  • Sealers are not necessary but may enhance the vibrant look of glass.

  • Use trivets or hot pads to avoid scorching sealed surfaces.

  • Use cutting boards to protect knives.

  • Use natural, non-abrasive cleansers. Citrus-based products may damage resin-based over time.

  • Restore the look of heavily trafficked surfaces with a rebuff.

Product Sustainability

  • GlassEco Surfaces are handcrafted in North Charleston, SC with 100% recycled glass. Most of that glass is locally sourced, diverting tons of would be refuse from South Carolina landfills each year.

  • Recycled glass countertops and other hard surfaces satisfy the desire for a natural stone appearance, while eliminating the negative environmental impact of stone mining.

  • Our surfaces and manufacturing process are both eco-friendly. The epoxy used in our resin-based products is Low VOC (volatile organic compounds) and emits no off-gassing. Surfaces are manufactured in a day-lit facility that is heavily ventilated by outside air to conserve electricity.

  • GlassEco Surfaces qualify for USGBC LEED credits in the following categories:

    • Recycled Content

    • Regional Materials

    • Low Emitting Materials

    • Innovation in Design


Contact us to learn more. 

Recycled glass can be used for a variety of decorative purposes in addition to surfaces. Contact our supplier, Fisher Recycling, to learn more about tumbled glass and landscaping aggregate.