Terrazzo style glass countertops and surfaces are an increasingly popular choice among consumers who are seeking a durable and stylish alternative to natural stone. There are several manufacturers who specialize in this style. Most are equipped to deliver surfaces that are scratch resistant, heat resistant and beautiful, but the ability to customize a countertop is typically limited. 

We’re changing that. 

Manufactured with recycled glass
Terrazzo style glass countertops and surfaces - Charleston, SC
Recycled glass surfaces Charleston, SC

Unlimited Design Possibilities 

We want your surface to tell the story of you. Surfaces can be completely customized to compliment your space or reflect your personal style… 

  • Pick colors from a vast collection of locally sourced glass. 
  • Order additional glass accents. 
  • Control glass cullet sizes and combinations. 
  • Add personal elements such as shells, stones, sharks’ teeth or pottery. 

Recycled Glass Surfaces Step-by-Step 

Step 1: Visit our shop in North Charleston, SC to explore materials and create a custom sample. Your first sample is free. 

Step 2: Take your sample home to evaluate it. Additional samples can be created if you would like to adjust the design. This phase can be short and sweet or span the course of weeks. Design timeline is at your discretion. 

Step 3: Once a design is approved, manufacturing begins. Surfaces are handcrafted in our North Charleston shop. The manufacturing process plus dry time takes 15 days. 

Step 4: Surfaces can be shipped anywhere in the contiguous US. GlassEco does not install, but we can refer you to an experienced fabricator or contractor if you live in the Charleston area. They are equipped to cut polished slabs to size and seam them together to fit your space. 

Customers do not have to live locally to order GlassEco Surfaces, but a visit to our North Charleston shop is the only way to fully explore custom options. Once manufactured, our surfaces can be delivered anywhere in the contiguous United States.


Schedule a complimentary design consultation.